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Is That Jack Black?

The other day, the girls and I were doing a 1000-piece puzzle of the Muppets, and we had the The Muppet Show Season One DVD playing in the background to help set the Muppet mood.

At one point, Emma looked up at the TV and asked, “Dad? Is that Jack Black?”

This is who she was referring to:

Avery Schreiber
Avery Schreiber in The Muppet Show
Jack Black
Jack Black in Nacho Libre
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More Than a Pose, It’s Also a Handy Time Saver

“Cynicism: an extension of ennui maintaining that not only are you bored, you are in a state of disbelief as well. And you cannot be convinced otherwise. More than a pose, it’s also a handy time saver. By deflating your companion’s enthusiasm, you can cut conversation in half.”

— Lisa Birnbach
The Official Preppy Handbook, 1981

Nurse Wayne in the Tropics

by Anne Vinton (1960)
Nurse Wayne in the Tropics

Beatrice Wayne, S.R.N, sat thinking, shivering despite the tropic heat. How far away the clinic seemed and the chatter of the nurses snatching those quick cups of tea in the kitchens. At this hour they would be giving out medicines and tidying dressings before supper, after which the night-staff would take over. And here was she, three thousand miles away spending the night in a locked rest-house with the most dangerous man in the word; the most dangerous to her, at any rate, because she loved him.

How did she get into this compromising situation and what would happen next? It’s all told in this lively, absorbing novel, full of interesting characters and set against the colourful background of the Gold Coast.

His Private Nurse

by Arlene James (2002)
His Private Nurse


Royce Lawler was dark and mysterious, movie-star handsome and dangerously seductive even when flat on his back. And prim and professional Merrily Gage was supposed to live alone with this man, tending to his every need as his private nurse? She didn’t stand a chance.

But then, neither did the single dad. Because Merrily was too good at what she did, too easy to like, to want…to need. Yet no matter how strong his desire, Royce couldn’t bring the innocent beauty any further into the nightmare of his life–especially since his fall was no accident. Especially since Royce would do anything to keep sweet, sweet Merrily safe.