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Be Honest With Yourself: Fresh Up With Sunday

Be Honest With Yourself: Fresh Up With Sunday

Fresh Up With Sunday

All the world needs Sunday, a day for physical, mental, spiritual refreshment.

Our creator set the pattern and gave us this right-to-rest law — the law of the Sabbath. He worked six days, rested the seventh, and, the Good Book says, “He was refreshed.”

Refreshed; relieved of fatigue; restored in strength and spirit. How we need this blessing in our busy, modern world!

How to keep Sunday? Try this once-a-week prescription:

Start on Saturday night. Retire early so you will arise, on the Sabbath, refreshed. Give thanks as you awaken that you are alive for another day of glorious living.

Cleanse your body; dress in your go-to-meeting best; breakfast gratefully; and go to church.

While in church you will learn wisdom and faith with choice friends and neighbors.

At mealtimes add zest to your appetite and nourishment to your soul by keeping a prayerful heart. On Fast Days, rest your digestion, refresh your spirit, and give the savings to the needy.

Between meals and meetings, cultivate your mind with good reading and pleasant visiting at home or with friends.

For good health and stimulating outdoor enjoyment, walk more, ride less to church if you live nearby.

As a perfect nightcap, add an hour of good fellowship and faith with a friendly fireside group.

Time on your hands? No Sunday will be long enough for all the appropriate and refreshing things you’d like to do.

As you prepare to retire, give thanks again that your Father in Heaven gave you this precious gift — one day in seven – when man can rest and be refreshed.

Let’s keep the Sabbath — let’s keep it because He gave it to us — and because we need it!


Nurse on Terror Island

by Doris Knight (1967)
Nurse on Terror Island

Love and fear–there was too much of both, now Avril Andrews was forced to make the most difficult decision of her young life.

A Paradise of an Island

  • A darkly handsome man of wealth.
  • A young Pop singer of international fame.
  • A fiance four thousand miles away.
  • A beguiling 8 year old orphan boy.

All these helped to complicate the life of pretty Nurse Avril Andrews. She had received her nurse’s cap only a few hours before and was on her way to Orestes Island to care for young Domingo, the ward of the handsome and powerful Ramon Orestes.

She hardly expected to become the fiancee of two men and find herself in love with a third, and then lose her heart completely to the convalescing little Domingo.

Neither was she prepared to face the terror which gripped the entire population of the island. She found herself being drawn inevitably into the web of fear…

They Sure Grow Them Big in Hawaii!

They Sure Grow Them Big in Hawaii!

Photoshop, Schmotoshop.

Why bother with pricey digital image manipulation tools when you can create a virtually undetectable specimen like this with nothing more than a pair of safety scissors, the grocery circular from Sunday’s paper, a couple of felt-tipped markers, and a glue stick.

And notice the faint, sketched lines on either side of the cheery observer’s gesturing arm, which adds the illusion of motion to what is already an uncanny study in superimposition, depth of field and perspective.

As an added bonus, this postcard had the following message on the reverse:

10 Aug 1973

We are having a ball.
Our room faces Diamond Head.
We’re sure eating our fill.
The weather is just beautiful.

Aloha from Hawaii,
Glen & Ida

…which appears to be some sort of vacation/travel free verse consisting of a quatrain with five words per line and adhering to the following rules:

  • Line #1: An indication of your current mood.
  • Line #2: A random fact about your accommodations.
  • Line #3: A confession about indulging in at least one of the seven deadly sins.
  • Line #4: A travel cliché.

Here’s my first attempt at the form:

24 May 2007

I really hate this place.
My room is quite small.
I’ve just been lying around.
I wish you were here.

All the best,

State of Emergency

by Cassie Miles (2002)
State of Emergency

Join these brave men and women for edge-of-your-seat suspense and happily-ever-after romance!

Her Fugitive…

Jordan Shane was in a serious bind. And Search and Rescue nurse Emily Foster was the one woman who could help him prove his innocence–and steal his heart right out from under him!

His Hostage…

Emily Foster had had enough danger to last a lifetime. All she wanted was a quiet life in the mountains. Instead, she got an attractive fugitive who had taken her hostage–and made her believe in love. On their hair-raising mountain trek, did she dare risk everything for Jordann’s life–and his love?

We made a trip to D.I. (a local thrift store) last Thursday and while we were there Emma declared that she was going to find a nurse book to add to our collection. I warned her that nurse books were getting harder and harder to find, so the chances of her finding one on that particular trip were pretty slim. Undaunted, she headed to the book section and started scouring the shelves.

About ten minutes later she tracked me down in soft furnishings, handed me this volume and asked, “Does this count?”

A Harlequin Romance (one of a series featuring the brave men and women of the Colorado Search and Rescue team) with a beautiful nurse, a handsome fugitive, Lazy Author Plot Device #5, and a cover depicting Jon Bon Jovi and Carrot Top in a passionate embrace?

Heck yes, it counts! Well found, Emma!

Dental Nurse at Denley’s

by Marjorie Lewty (1968)
Dental Nurse at Denley's

Everyone at Denley’s was wondering what the new dental surgeon would be like. But when Alison Blake learned that his name was Christopher Stevenson, she knew only too well–and her heart sank…