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Nurse Chadwick’s Sorrow

by Diana Douglas (1967)
Nurse Chadwick's Sorrow

Two doctors shared Ruth Chadwick’s shameful secret–and and one unforgivable incident would haunt their lives forever.

Till Death Do Us Part

Ruth Chadwick would never forgive Dr. Barry Kade for a night of insanity that changed her life. She would never return to Dr. Graham Chadwick, her husband. The only thing that still tied her to these two men was a bond of pain and hatred.

And now Tracey Norton was involved. Tracey…pretty, talented, very attractive to a man like Dr. Kade. Unable to stop her, Ruth saw Tracey being caught in her own hidden past–in the frightening truth that lay behind Nurse Chadwick’s Sorrow

Nurse at Cap Flamingo

by Violet Winspear (1964)
Nurse at Cap Flamingo

Nurse Fern Heatherly had travelled from England to California with a patient and then decided she might as well stay for a while, so she accepted the job of looking after the elderly Miss Kingdom.

Her troubles began when Miss Kingdom’s nephew was seen leaving Fern’s room in the early hours of the morning. It was all completely innocent, but Ross chivalrously insisted on marrying her to protect her reputation.

But Fern, being very much in love with him, wanted a better reason than that.

I can’t decide which name I like more: Fern Heatherly or Violet Winspear.

Two Faces of Nurse Roberts, The

by Nora Sanderson (1963)
Two Faces of Nurse Roberts, The

At the age of seventeen Jan Roberts was miserably certain that she was irredeemably ugly. How could she ever be attractive with a disfiguring scar on her cheek? Even when the young medical student Moss Gilding was so charming to her she was convinced he was only acting out of pity.

But life changed for Jan when she managed to have the scar removed, and even changed her name to match her new, glamorous face. She decided to take up nursing, and, without admitting that she might have some ulterior motive, got a job at the same hospital where Moss was now a doctor. And then she discovered that he seemed far less interested in the second Jan than he had been in the first!

Nurses Three: On Call For Trouble

by Jean Kirby (1964)
Nurses Three: On Call For Trouble

A Kelly Scott Story

Once she was my friend. Every time Kelly looked at Linda Koenig her heart ached and her brain puzzled over what had happened to change things between them. For now Linda was her enemy–every word she spoke, every glance she shot in Kelly’s direction proved it. There was the “accident” in the laboratory, the ugly taunts, the incredible moment when real danger threatened and Linda stood by and laughed. There had to be an explanation.

Of course there were other things to think about. As Kelly, proud in her newly-won cap, walked the hospital halls, there were people on all sides who needed her skill and her understanding. From lovely young Gladys, who would never dance again, to the temperamental poet Angus Forbisher, they claimed all the love and patience she had to offer. And there was the offer of a singing career if she wanted it…and exciting dates with Ken Morrison…surely no girl ever had less time for worry.

Yet the questions were always waiting in the back of her mind, demanding to be answered. Why is Linda so angry? What can I do to help?

The back covers of the Nurses Three novels almost give away too much of the story.

Nurses Three: On Call for Trouble (Back Cover)

So, to summarize: Beatific Nurse Kelly…

Beatific Nurse Kelly

…is tormented by the diabolical Nurse Linda…

Diabolical Nurse Linda

…and could have a successful singing career…

A Successful Singing Career

..if she wasn’t so busy going on exciting dates with Ken Morrison…

Exciting Dates With Ken Morrison

…and caring for Voldemort.

Caring for Voldemort