Tiny Pineapple

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There Is Nothin’ Like A Dame

Elle Magazine (US), August 2006

Elle Magazine: A hypothetical: Which of your costars would you trust to take a large cash deposit to the bank?
Keira Knightley: None of them. Actors just aren’t that trustworthy.

Elle: Which would you take out on the town to make a boyfriend jealous?
KK: Either Orlando or Johnny would do the trick.

Elle: Which would you be least surprised to learn had killed someone in a bar fight?
KK: Judi Dench.

“Keria Knightley Opens Up”
Elle Magazine, August 2006

Oh, how I loves Dame Judi…

One of Hawaii’s Big Crops

One of Hawaii's Big Crops

One of Hawaii’s big crops is pineapples, appropriately called “the King of Fruits, by Nature Crowned.”

My initial response to seeing this postcard was, “What are leaders of the Free German Youth doing picking pineapples in Hawaii?”

But after taking a closer look I realized it was most likely just a promotional shot from the never-released made-for-TV movie, Miss Hathaway Takes A Holiday.

Be Honest With Yourself: More Precious Than Rubies

Be Honest With Yourself: More Precious Than Rubies

More Precious Than Rubies

A virtuous young man pledges his love and fidelity to the girl of his dreams with a precious stone…a diamond. And the happy girl treasures the gift as she would her life, promising, in return, her own fresh, virtuous love in marriage.

the ring–with its precious gem–becomes a symbol of fidelity for the engaged couple…and a reminder of the priceless value of virtue in them both.

Solomon said it centuries ago: “A virtuous woman…her price is far above rubies…” For man it is equally true.

A latter-day hymn-writer composed these beautiful lines:

“Cherish virtue! Cherish virtue!
God will bless the pure in heart.”

Cherish–how beautiful and meaningful the word: to hold dear; to trust or keep with tenderness.

And virtue: integrity of character; uprightness of conduct; chastity.

The prophet Mormon, in his last affectionate message to his son Moroni, called virtue and chastity “the most dear and precious of all things.”

Modern prophets have reaffirmed this eternal truth.

So, young people of the Church, if you would deserve the confidence of the clean young man or young woman you someday hope to marry–if you would enjoy the fullness of happiness which belongs only to the pure in heart, be clean, be chaste.