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Jane Arden, Head Nurse

by Kathleen Harris (1959)
Jane Arden, Head Nurse

Jane was faced with the crisis of her life — either give up a new and growing love, or shatter her cherished career?

When Jane Arden took over as Head Nurse at the Friedmont Hospital, she knew that the job had many pitfalls. But it was an exciting challenge in a field she loved.

Then she met Jeff Wallace, the young, outspoken Chairman of a strife-torn Hospital Board. Jane needed his support and his friendship. She saw him more and more.

At first when people started to talk she didn’t care. But she had enemies who wanted to get rid of her any way they could. Suddenly Jane realized that her whole career was threatened — as well as her growing love for Jeff.

Was it already too late?

Jane Arden, Registered Nurse

by Kathleen Harris (1956)
Jane Arden, Registered Nurse

Jane Arden, a graduate nurse, is facing the prospect of her first job. She has been offered a position at City-County Hospital in Elmwood, Ohio, where she has just completed training — a prospect which has the added advantage that she can remain at home with her mother and father, her twin Jay, and her younger brother, Skippy.

But like most of her classmates at City-County Hospital, Jane is anxious to try her own wings. And when her sister Roberta, working as a fashion model in a smart shop in Palm Beach, invites her down for a visit — and adds that there is a shortage of nurses in Florida — Jane decides to look over the situation for herself.

Besides Roberta, there is another attraction for Jane in Florida. David Hyatt, “the boy next door,” is stationed at an air base not far from Palm Beach — and Jane, realizing that David’s recent letters have been rather cool, thinks it is time for a heart-to-heart talk with the jet pilot whose choice of a job is as distasteful to Jane as Jane’s nursing is to David.

To her surprise, Jane is met at the airport not by her sister, the glamorous Roberta, but by a strange young man who has been sent to meet Roberta’s “kid” sister. Nicky Powers, when he gets over his astonishment at Jane’s grown-upness, is decidedly pleased with his assignment. But when Jane learns that Roberta is living in a guest cottage on the grounds of Nicky’s uncle’s large estate, she feels that this beautiful artificial world into which she has stepped is no place for her.

When a nursing job is unexpectedly thrust upon Jane, she meets the challenge with her usual resourcefulness. But even Jane is stumped by the change in David Hyatt. This tall, good-looking captain in the Air Corps is so unlike the old David that Jane feels he is more of a stranger than Nicky Powers. And when David gets her promise to marry him immediately, and follows it up with a demand that she give up her nursing career, Jane is face with her first real test.

Jane Arden, Space Nurse

by Kathleen Harris (1962)
Jane Arden, Space Nurse

Jane’s exciting new career at Cape Canaveral suddenly threatens her life as a woman.

As Jane embarked upon the most exciting adventure of her career, she was forced to postpone her marriage to handsome Jeff Wallace.

Jane had no way of foreseeing the personal crisis that would confront her as a “space nurse.” Nor could she have anticipated the lasting impact of the two attractive astronauts she met at Cape Canaveral.

Fascinating Clyde McLaren, a strong candidate for the moon shot, was brilliant and quite friendly. Or did he want more than friendship?

And what of the dashing continental Lieutenant who made it clear that he was more than interested in her? Just where did his interest lie?

Jane Arden, Staff Nurse

by Kathleen Harris (1957)
Jane Arden, Staff Nurse

Behind the scenes in a giant hospital, she discovered that medicine and men could be an explosive combination.

As staff nurse in a fast-paced university hospital, Jane Arden was sure her new job would leave her no time for men.

She was also sure she’d never forget the man she’d loved all her life, and had lost in a tragic plane accident.

But then she learned that time has a way of healing all wounds…and a new love a way of replacing the old.

Jane Arden, Surgery Nurse

by Kathleen Harris (1958)
Jane Arden, Surgery Nurse

Suddenly she was dangerously involved with her boss — a brilliant young surgeon, who didn’t believe in marriage.

All the women who knew Dr. Tony Gray agreed that he was too attractive for his own good — yet none of them could help falling under his spell.

When Jane Arden met Tony, first as his head surgical nurse, then as his latest romantic interest, she felt his belief that marriage didn’t mix with medicine made him “safe” for a girl who had an understanding with another man.

And then, abruptly, she found herself up against the most difficult question a girl ever faces…