We finally got the rest of the photos from what Zoë still refers to as “THE COLDEST PHOTOSHUTE [sic] IN HISTORY.” And, just like the first batch, they came out beautifully.

Here are a few of my favorites…

The Girls
Emma -- Into The Woods

As for the photos of the entire family, my reluctance to be in very many of them came back to bite me in the bum because that didn’t leave us with many to choose from. And, sure enough, even though my daughters can’t take a bad pictures, throw the Boiled Parsnip into the mix and I’m either squinting…


…or smirking or making some other family photo blunder. For instance, in this photo I’m either trying to explain something of great import or I’m distracted by a small shiny object just outside the frame.


Who knows which? And who cares? I just wanted to get some beautiful photos of my beautiful daughters, and I think I succeeded because, as of today, the girls are the first thing you see when you visit Wynona Robison Photography.

Speaking of which…I really can’t thank Nona enough. She was brilliant to work with and the results were absolutely incredible. (The Boiled Parsnip notwithstanding.) I told her that if people ever ask her for references, she can just forward them on to me and I’ll spout flowery adjectives at them for as long as they’ll stay on the phone.