Finding Neverland (One Sheet)
Spanglish (One Sheet)

I saw the same movie twice last night. The first time it was called Finding Neverland; the second, Spanglish.

Update: OK, OK… After receiving numerous requests for clarification, here are the similarities as I see them:

Finding Neverland Spanglish
A hard-working artist… Check Check
…laboring in a field in which, “They changed it — the critics — they made it important”… Check Check
…is trapped in a loveless marriage with a rigid, frigid, philandering, social-climbing wench… Check Check
…played by a fabulous babe. Check
Radha Mitchell
Téa Leoni
Enter a warm-hearted, grounded, single mother with child(ren)… Check Check
…who develops a close relationship with the artist… Check Check
…and teaches him about love and life… Check Check
…and even spends the summer at the artist’s summer home… Check Check
…but leaves before the relationship is consumated. Check
Dies of consumption.
Consumed by guilt.
The hard-working artist gets four-star reviews… Check
Eventually, for Peter Pan.
For his restaurant.
…but still wants seats set aside for special guests. Check
Walk-ins from the neighborhood.
Supporting characters are subjected to too-tight outfits… Check
Smee’s and Nana’s costumes.
Bernice’s school clothes.
…and there’s a large dog that chases balls. Check
Porthos, a Newfoundland.
Chum, an overweight Golden Lab.

Did I miss anything?