A friend of mine teaches a beginning business class to Upper School students at the same school that my daughters attend. As a final project, her students had to break into groups and develop a business plan for a venture of their own choosing.

A group of foreign exchange students from Korea decided that their entrepreneurial effort would be a wig shop. The business plan was broken into sections and the various sections were assigned to the various members of the group. The writing of the “Executive Summary” fell to a young Class 9 student who, bless his heart, has only been in the U.S. since January and whose English skills are…well, still a little rough.

Here it is, in its entirety:

Executive Summary

My business is waiting for a baldheaded person and fall down the hair People. Because we are make bout wig. My company some caller are Old People. Any way we want plan we have to find about what state many people live old man. Then we open that state. We sell about wig and precaution medicine about loss of hair. We divide sell part. Wig is selling about old people and precaution medicine is selling about middle age. Then we make event to wig caller. And different wig put and take off. All old man want looks Young. We catch that. We sell the old man then we think about the old man That is first thinking. And we make event to middle age. Then we show the different part, animal experimentation then give to we company are good and reliable company.

That is, indeed, first thinking.