Celebrity Nurse

Are celebrities really like you and me under their trappings of glamour, wealth, and chauffered [sic] limousines? Red-haired Cathy Lewis, a skilled and devoted young private-duty nurse, was about to find out. She had accepted a position with New York’s Acme Celebrity Service, an exclusive agency that supplied the rich and the famous with personnel in every category, including nursing. And Cathy’s first assignment was to be a live-in nurse in the palatial hotel suite of famous movie star Roland Keating! The dark and handsome Roland was recuperating from open-heart surgery, and it was to be Cathy’s job not only to administer his medications but also to keep his presence in New York, and his condition, a secret.

When her services to Roland Keathing [sic] were abruptly terminated after an encounter with a press photographer, Cathy was assigned to care for a suicidal theater star and then a crusty old ex-diplomat whose house guest was a Middle-Eastern prince with hemophilia. As Cathy soon learned, Prince Akbar was the target of terrorists, who kept the mansion under constant surveillance.

Prince Akbar’s Secret Service man, Bob Baird, was obviously falling in love with Cathy. But she couldn’t get the special blood-stirring magic of Roland Keating out of her head or her heart. Did she have a chance with him? Cathy was to discover the answer to this and much more as she struggled to fulfill her duties as a celebrity nurse.