Cherry Ames, Veteran's Nurse

Almost — almost there! A very few minutes more, with the train hurtling and whistling past the wintry prairie farms — in minutes she would be there!

Cherry stood up unsteadily in the train aisle and pulled her luggage down from the overhead rack. She straightened her khaki hat on her black curls, straightened her Army Nurse’s jacket, drew on her leather gloves. Then she sat on the very edge of her plush chair. The train was slowing down now. Johnson’s big barn and the outskirts of Hilton skidded past. Cherry’s cheeks were very red, her dark eyes brilliant.

“New York — London — Panama — the Pacific — I’ve seen them all — I’ve flown over Europe — ” Cherry thought, ” — but — well, Hilton, Illinois, I’m coming home!” For this was the destination and the day she had been dreaming of.