Finding Dr. Right

“When Will You Take A Chance?”

It was a question Catherine Wilson had asked herself–when would she stop worrying about her son and start focusing on life?

The truth was she was scared her son would relapse; scared she had forgotten how to live; scared the emotions one particular man brought to life would lead to heartbreak.

Catherine wanted to be brave. And accepting Nathan Conners into her family’s life was one of the toughest decisions she had to make. Because if she wasn’t careful, Nathan would not only make Catherine believe in herself again…but also in love…

This is another one of Emma’s thrift store finds. Published this year, no less. She was worried that it might not qualify for the Tiny Pineapple Nurse Book Collection since the main female character is a doctor, not a nurse. But I pointed out that we have a number of other titles in the collection that feature female characters who, while not strictly nurses, have still found rewarding and romance-conducive careers in the health care industry.

It’s just that the “Tiny Pineapple Collection of Books Featuring Female Characters With Various Rewarding and Romance-Conducive Careers in the Health Care Industry” seems a little wordy.