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My Favorite Nurse

The doctor prescribed fun for Nurse Roanna — and she chose the playboy…

When Roanna Evans’ attractive colleague, Dr. Bill Benton, prescribed a change of pace for the overworked hospital nurse, he felt uneasy at the surprise job opportunity offered her.

As she got a taste of the new life her position as a nurse in a luxury department store gave her, Roanna felt her spirits revive…much to Dr. Benton’s growing displeasure. For, besides her glamorous job, there was the disarmingly handsome Ted Holland, her employer’s son, who wanted to claim as many of Roanna’s off-duty hours as her on-the-job ones.

Romance had always taken second place to the more serious demands of nursing for Roanna — and she was determined now to enjoy the fun she had long missed…with Ted.

And Dr. Benton was rapidly regretting the medicine he had prescribed for his favorite nurse…