Rosemary Wins Her Cap

Against the background of a busy hospital, Zillah Macdonald tells a story of heartbreak and triumph that brings into focus the exciting elements of medical research, nurses’ problems, doctors’ attitudes, administrative policy and the challenge of nursing itself.

When polio strikes, Meadowlands Hospital is well equipped to handle the emergency. Modern methods are used for the rehabilitation of its patients, and there is a wonderful spirit of cooperation and selflessness among the members of the staff who try not to inject their personal problems into their nursing routines.

There is Rosemary Pendleton, probationer, whom everyone likes but who will not invite confidences; Corrine Burnette, who keeps constantly busy so that she will not think about her doctor-husband who is reported lost in the jungles of South America; Ollie Wentzell, who entertains the children with amusing stories, but whose mind is never far away from her laboratory where Dr. Burnette’s secret formula is locked in the wall safe; Dr. Penhallow, whom the children adore, but who seems short-tempered with the nurses. Natasha Owens knows how to direct a big hospital and keep everything running smoothly, but she worries about her staff, Rosemary in particular who seems to be carrying a big burden.

There is the day by day excitement of hospital routine and the drama of life and death itself — and when Rosemary wins her cap, all of the puzzling pieces fall into their proper places.

A moving story with a thread of mystery that will interest girls who like to read about nursing careers.