Timber Town Nurse

Only another man, another love could help Nurse Felicia Madison recover from the heratache of Dr. Jim Carmichael’s tragic death, but…which man? Garth Lindell, who wasn’t at all like Jim; or Bill Carruthers, who could have been his double…?

When Jim Carmichael, a dedicated young doctor and heir to the Carmichael lumber empire, was killed in a laboratory accident, the lovely nurse he was secretly engaged to tried to lose herself in a non-stop round of parties. Instead, she almost lost her job. Shocked at how close she had come to wrecking her career, Felicia Madison decided she needed a complete change of scene. On impulse she answered an ad for a nurse at one of the Carmichael Corporation’s remote lumber camps. But Felicia’s welcome to Windy Ridge — from Garth Lindell, the camp foreman — wasn’t exactly a warm one. For some reason, the rugged lumberman took an on-sight dislike to her. And while the timber town was certainly a change from the big city, forgetting Jim wasn’t going to be any easier — not with Bill Carruthers around. The company helicopter pilot looked so much like Jim, Felicia couldn’t help being attracted to him. But was it Bill she thought she was falling in love with, or was it Jim all over again?