Winged Victory for Nurse Kerry
Was romance for her linked with peril?

When Kerry came to Hartford Memorial Hospital, she wanted to forget the past, with its nightmare of the airplane crash, and Johnny… She did not want to risk love again.

Yet Dr. Garth Hamilton, handsome and rich, offered her a new kind of love, a love that protected without demands or challenges. Kerry knew she would be safe with him.

But there was another doctor, a young man with stormy eyes who reminded her of the lost Johnny…and the spark of his courtship threatened to kindle a flame in her that would push security away in a renewed memory of peril and ecstasy.

I feel quite strongly that “winged” should always be pronounced as two syllables: wing·ed.

See also: blessed/bless·ed, striped/stripe·ed, and pantsed/pants·ed. (e.g. “If while in junior high school gym class you should pants·ed be, make haste to the room of lockers.”)