Tiny Pineapple

ananas comosus (L.) minimus

Disneyland 2004, Day 1: All Business

We set out this morning on our yearly pilgrimage to The Happiest Place on Earth. The Annual Passports that we purchased on last year’s trip expire on the 17th, so we’re sneaking one more trip under the wire.

We were all business today; up at dawn and on the road, stopping for nothing but bathroom breaks and meals. After checking into the hotel we had just enough time for a bracing (read blue-lips frigid) dip in the pool, after which the girls collapsed into bed…and I’m about to do the same.

More tomorrow.

But since I feel guilty about not posting anything for quite a while and then leaving you hanging until tomorrow, let me give you two things to ponder until then:

  • Is this where you go after you’ve graduated from The High School Academy of Academy High School?

  • Is “Hardware and Outdoor Living” really the most appropriate category for this?

Nurse Todd’s Strange Summer

by Zillah K. Macdonald and Vivian J. Ahl (1960)
Nurse Todd's Strange Summer
  • Chapter 1: You Are Now Entering Penteath, Maine
  • Chapter 2: Quint Loves Me! Loves Me Not!
  • Chapter 3: Nature’s Physiotherapy Department
  • Chapter 4: Ann Finds a Needed Friend
  • Chapter 5: Dr. McNab Offers a Nursing Job
  • Chapter 6: Ann Does a Venipuncture
  • Chapter 7: Parthie Provokes a Crisis
  • Chapter 8: A Sedimentation Rate Spells Trouble
  • Chapter 9: Quint Has the answer to Her Question
  • Chapter 10: Antibiotics vs. Nursing Care
  • Chapter 11: A Growing Comradeship Suffers a Blight
  • Chapter 12: Ann Loses Her Job
  • Chapter 13: Riders of the Storm
  • Chapter 14: Kitchen Turned Hospital
  • Chapter 15: Ann Shares a Fateful Moment with “B.M.”
  • Chapter 16: “Your Majesty!” Marie Antoinette of Maine
  • Chapter 17: A Fright in the Night
  • Chapter 18: Ann Is on Her Way!