Tiny Pineapple

ananas comosus (L.) minimus

Navy Nurse

by Virginia McCall (1968)
Navy Nurse

Trace pulled off her surgical cap and shook out her hair. “The chief nurse wants me? I wonder what for?”

“There is one sure way to find out,” the older nurse said dryly. “Better wear a sweater. The wind was straight off the bay when I came in.”

Tracy nodded and went swiftly down the hall to the nurses’ room. She felt both tired and exhilerated, still keyed up by the drama she had just witnessed in surgery, a race against time to save the life of an elderly patient who had gone into surgical shock. Dr. Catton had been operating, and it was always a learning experience to be on his team.

She was fortunate, she thought, to have O.R. duty in the big naval hospital across the bay from San Francisco for her first permanent assignment as a Navy nurse.

Before the mirror, she dug her comb into her pale red hair. When she was tense like this her freckles stood out sharply, a spatter of pigment high on her cheekbones and across her nose.

“All redheads are hybrids, you know,” Dick Simpson had told her, and ever since she had thought of herself as one of those blotchy camellias that could not decide whether to be pink or white.

Dick and his genetics! Dating the University of California graduate student who had majored in life science and was now doing some sort of study on waterfowl had been another kind of learning experience this past year!

Navy Nurse

by Rosie M. Banks (1960)
Navy Nurse

A romantic, suspense-filled novel about a girl who chose a glamorous and exciting career.

Alice Smith, pretty Navy nurse, had an attack of love at first sight. And she didn’t want to be cured.

The man was tall, good-looking and French. Thrilled by his kisses, Alice longed for the day she would be Mrs. Jacques Stern.

But Jacques never talked of marriage. And he was mysterious about his private life, especially the source of his wealth.

Meanwhile, the Office of Naval Intelligence had rated Jacques “top priority.” And handsome Morgan O’Neill, ONI agent, was making a particularly thorough check. Morgan loved Alice deeply. He’d stop at nothing to save her from the dangers that threatened her happiness — and her life.

New Nurse, The

by Florence Stuart (1947)
New Nurse, The

Could her dedication as a nurse conquer the passion of her woman’s heart?

“Kitty, will you marry me?”

For the four years since he had jilted her, Kitty Foster dreamed of hearing those words. And now Dick Dunning was saying them.

Of course, he was still married to Rose. But Dick said they had already planned on a divorce when she had her terrible accident.

“Yes, I married her. I’ve no one to blame but myself. I wasn’t in love with her. I never was. And it isn’t her fault. It’s you I love, Kitty. I’ve always loved you. Kitty, will you be my wife?”

Kitty knew that she should be shocked. But Dick’s eyes brushed hers and it was if his hand had touched her. She felt herself tremble with the surge of longing that poured through her. She knew it was wrong and yet she couldn’t help herself…

Night Nurse

by Rosamund Hunt (1962)
Night Nurse

Young and lovely Sheila Hayden had been planning to marry Kenny Jamison for as long as she could remember. but when Sheila became a night nurse at Mercer City Hospital, Kenny showed signs of growing resentment, and asked that she resign.

Sheila, however, had fallen in love with her work. Moreover, a political campaign to smear the hospital made her presence vital to the pressured staff. Vehemently Sheila insisted that Kenny had no cause to be jealous of her job, or of the brilliant young Dr. Joel Alexander, who was so often at her side. It took a mysterious kidnapping and a new and vicious attack on the hospital’s good name to force the lovely nurse to face some painful truths — about Kenny, about Dr. Alexander, and about her own buffeted heart.

Night-Duty Nurse

by Katherine McComb (1970)
Night-Duty Nurse

Pretty red-haired Karen Hayden was new at the hospital, but already she had a reputation for efficiency and dedication — since work came first in her life…

Then one night a tragic explosion brought scores of emergency patients to the hospital. In the excitement Karen was kissed by Clay Palmer — the handsome, aloof new intern all the nurses were whispering about. After that kiss, sensible as she was, Karen could not wipe the moody Dr. Palmer from her dreams.

It was only when Clay Palmer turned all his attention toward a female patient that Karen agreed to date flirtatious Jack Arlen, an ex-patient of her own, and the son of the most influential man in town. But Jack Arlen was more than an irresponsible playboy, as Karen would soon learn — and Clay Palmer was not a man whose kiss she could easily forget…