Tiny Pineapple

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Over the MoOM

Coudal's Museum of Online Museums

I’m pleased to announce that on May 27, 2007, the Tiny Pineapple Nurse Book Collection was inducted into Coudal Partners’ Museum of Online Museums (MoOM).

(Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the induction ceremonies because Steve Perry borrowed my power blue, velvet-lapelled tuxedo in 1981 and still hasn’t returned it.)

The tpNBC can be found in the Museum’s Galleries, Exhibitions and Shows wing, just 43 spots below The Smithsonian. But those Washingtonian dandies better watch their government-subsidized backsides because I’ve posted Nos. 275 and 276 since then, and I’m knocking them out of the Top 20 if it’s the last thing I do!

Blobby Farm

Blobby Farm Launch Announcement

All of us here at Tiny Pineapple are thrilled nigh unto incontinence to announce the new home of Maria Samuelson’s fantabulous Blobbies: BlobbyFarm.com

“Where,” according to the press release, “frumpy, free-range plush toys roam the countryside of Newbraska. You’ll also find bibs, finger puppets, cards, buttons, and whatever else we can come up with to entertain you. Peruse the site, buys a little something, and spread the word.”

(I’m not sure how Emma’s Lady Skewampus would feel if she knew she was being referred to as “frumpy,” but we’ll just skip some of the less-flattering adjectives when we read her the news.)

To celebrate the launch of the new site, Maria is sponsoring a “Design a Blobby” Contest, for which Emma and Zoë have been preparing for the last two weeks, so you’d better get to work.

The character descriptions alone are worth taking a lunch hour to browse. Take, for instance, the following for Blobzilla (which I should have snapped up when I had the chance):

When dark clouds of foreboding settle over Newbraska, tiny twins who live in a matchbox sing a siren song over the still waters of the sea to awake Blobzilla from his slumber in his tent at the public campgrounds. He gets up, scratches, stretches, tests his flaming belch and sets off to save the land.

…or this for Martin Sheen, Jr.:

Martin was found in the crack of a thrift store couch along with $1.37 in change, a pink barrette, and Burt Reynolds. Mr. Sheen is currently watching Stakeout 2.

Go! Browse! Buy!