New Nurse, The

Could her dedication as a nurse conquer the passion of her woman’s heart?

“Kitty, will you marry me?”

For the four years since he had jilted her, Kitty Foster dreamed of hearing those words. And now Dick Dunning was saying them.

Of course, he was still married to Rose. But Dick said they had already planned on a divorce when she had her terrible accident.

“Yes, I married her. I’ve no one to blame but myself. I wasn’t in love with her. I never was. And it isn’t her fault. It’s you I love, Kitty. I’ve always loved you. Kitty, will you be my wife?”

Kitty knew that she should be shocked. But Dick’s eyes brushed hers and it was if his hand had touched her. She felt herself tremble with the surge of longing that poured through her. She knew it was wrong and yet she couldn’t help herself…