Be Honest With Yourself: Beauty is More than Skin Deep!

Beauty is More than Skin Deep!

What is beauty? Who can have it?

Ask John Robert Powers, world-famous authority on the subject. After many years choosing and training beautiful models, he will tell you:

“There are certain features that most beautiful women have in common”…”a glow of health,” “a radiant personality,” “a complete self-assurance and naturalness,” “intellectual curiosity; integrity and stability of character.”

“Real beauty comes from within.” “It is within the potentialities of almost any girl….”

Or look to some authorities of the past. Said Emerson: “Beauty is the soundness of the bones…a peach-ripe complexion; health of constitution that makes the sparkle and power of the eyes.” “…character gives splendor to youth.”

Sir James Barrie says of charm (the sister of beauty): “If you have it you don’t need anything else, and if you don’t have it, it doesn’t much matter what else you have.”

Beauty is largely a matter of the thoughts we think, the deeds we do, the food we eat, the interest we show in others.

It is the sum of sincerity, enthusiasm, and unselfishness.

It is the product of busy days and nights untroubled by guilty regrets.

Beauty is obedience to the laws of good and wise and wonderful living of the laws of health and happiness. To these add a lively search for eternal truth–for the good things here–for the good things hereafter–and you will surely find beauty in living, and be beautiful yourself. In short, beauty is a reflection of what you are inside yourself.

So, if you would be beautiful — BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.