Be Honest With Yourself: Live and Learn Forever

Live and Learn Forever

This life is for serving and learning; so is the next. Part of life’s lessons we learn by failing first and trying over. Some call it trial and error; another name for it is experience.

A certain amount of trial and error we must accept. It’s good for us. But there’s a short-cut to learning, shorter than trial and error, which each of us should try to find. We should seek this short-cut through thoughtful study, from the experiences of others, by the reading of good books, by going to school. Most folks call this kind of learning “education.”

The chief purpose of education is to prepare us to live happily here and hereafter…and to make the world better for others who follow. The scriptures tell us why: “We are saved no faster than we gain knowledge”; “The glory of God is intelligence.” These lofty concepts of the place of education in the lives of people are the special incentives which spur us on in our search for knowledge.

It has been said even more plainly: “…if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another he will have so much advantage in the world to come.”

Yes, and in this life, too. For knowledge here is also power — the power to produce the essentials of healthful, happy, comfortable living; the power to govern wisely and effectively; the power to avoid some of life’s unnecessary pains and frustrations which come to the ignorant or unadjusted; the power to recognize and appreciate truth and teach it to others.

These are some of the aims and products of learning and living–now and forever