Be Honest With Yourself: The Right Circles

The Right Circles

Swing the corner like swingin’ on a gate;
Now your own if you’re not too late;
Ring up four with all your might…
All join in and circle right.

Gaily the dancers circle and swing to the beat of the band and the command of the caller…every happy heart in tune.

What wholesome harmony; what wonderful fun…when everybody’s in step and in tune, and when your partners in the dance are clean, healthy, wholesome people like yourself.

And so it is in real life, too. The circle is gay or dull, good or bad, as we find, or fail to find, the right partners and heed, or ignore, the command of the “caller.”

Life is a series of circles, beginning with the family circle. For this happy circle, when love and faith abide in the home, we give thanks to kind and wise parents. Working, playing and praying together, the happy family moves from round to round in perfect rhythm.

Next we widen the circles to include an ever-growning number of casual or close associates: chums of our youth, neighbors, schoolmates, club, social, business and church friends. Out of these circles come eventually our more enduring friendships, our lovers and sweethearts, and the permanent partners we will choose to help us start new family circles of our own.

These permanent circles of association and affection will become for us, if we choose them widely and keep in time and tune, the right circles. In them we will find true harmony and happiness.