Amy Marsh, TV Nurse

A nursing job at a television studio wasn’t just another nursing job — and producer Judah Raymond discovered Amy wasn’t just another nurse…

What was it that was different about producer Judah Raymond so that when he kissed her, Amy felt shaken and moved in a way she never felt before?

Young, eligible Bill Hendricks had been left behind along with Summerville when Amy decided to come to New York. And her new job as a staff nurse at Universal Television had plunged her into a life of excitement and confusion. She thought she’d left her problems behind her — only now she had some she never dreamed of…

Who does producer Judah Raymond remind you of? I can’t quite place him.

He’s like equal parts Burt Reynolds and John Astin, with a little Jack Cassidy circa The Eiger Sanction.

He also looks like about 90% of the guys who Danno booked. Maria is our resident Hawaii Five-O scholar. Maybe she can help.