Tiny Pineapple

ananas comosus (L.) minimus

Accused Nurse

by Jane Converse (1974)
Accused Nurse

She was the victim of a false accusation that could cost her the man she loved.

Love On Trial

Pretty, young nurse Paula Owens thought life was a dream. After all, she had a wonderful family, a great job, and she was engaged to Ray Brooks, the most charming and handsome intern at the hospital.

Then suddenly Paula’s world fell apart, and she was faced with a mountain of debts and two younger brothers to support. Everything seemed to go wrong. There were complaints against her at the hospital, senseless quarrels with Ray, and constant trouble at home. And just when Paula felt she could bear no more, she found herself accused of a crime which cost Paula her job, her reputation as a nurse, and even the man she loved, unless the truth came to light…

Aerospace Nurse

by Virginia B. McDonnell, R.N. (1966)
Aerospace Nurse

“This is it,” whispered Terry Haines, her blue eyes dancing with excitement.

The double doors leading into University Hospital’s auditorium opened. The house lights dimmed. A graduate nurse signaled. It was time for the sixty girls clustered outside to light their lamps, their symbols of dedication to the ideals of Florence Nightingale. The long awaited capping ceremony was about to begin.

There was a last minute rustle of crisp white bibs and aprons, worn over blue uniforms. Pam Warren reached out to tuck back one stray lock of Terry’s shining russet hair. Other roommates gave each other similar checks. Every hairdo must be in perfect order, worn safely above the collar. Television nurses might wear flowing tresses; real nurses, never.

Airport Nurse

by Rose Williams (1968)
Airport Nurse

As a nurse on duty in the VIP lounge of Trans-Continental Airlines, Clare Andrews’ lot was to stay on terra firma, but to minister to passengers from all over the world. Some were temperamental, some agreeable; some hypochondriacs and some really ill. And among them were famous and attractive men such as the television star whose work took him frequently from New York to London and back, and whom Clare had gotten to know as a friend and occasional escort.

Because of her wide acquaintance with almost all who used the vast airport, Clare was deemed to be peculiarly well situated to help the FBI break an international jewel-smuggling ring. And she willingly agreed to cooperate, not foreseeing that one of the suspects would prove to be the man she was considering marrying.

Alias Miss Saunders, R.N.

by Jane Converse (1962)
Alias Miss Saunders, R.N.

The beautiful nurse lived behind a barrier of deceit that threatened to separate her from the man she loved.

She Wasn’t Good Enough For Him

The handsome, self-possessed young doctor was a Styles, a member of one of Chicago’s important families. And the lovely, shy nurse had loved him from the moment he stepped into the hospital.

Now they were to work together — join their skills and their dedicated courage to save a young man whose life had almost been crushed out by a brakeless bulldozer.

As a nurse, Marie Saunders welcomed the opportunity to fight the crucial battle with a brilliant doctor like Wayne Styles. But as a woman she was afraid…afraid that the shadows of her past might darken or destroy this dreamed-of chance to get close to the man she loved…

American Nurse in London, An

by Diane Frazer (1967)
American Nurse in London, An

She never dreamed that a London holiday would change her entire life.

The huge jet liner was London bound.

And Elaine Gibbs had left thoughts of hospital routine far behind.

But when the stewardess asked her to assist a sick passenger, she couldn’t refuse. Then, she discovered that her patient was none other than Tommy Taylor, the rock-and-roll idol.

At the airport, Elaine helped Tommy avoid reporters–including the handsome young journalist who was her seatmate. And so, unwittingly, she embarked on a wild adventure that changed her entire life.