Mary Ellis, Student Nurse

Mary Ellis, the young Negro heroine of “A Cap for Mary Ellis,” is now in her second year of nursing school.

The work is harder and more time consuming than Mary Ellis or her classmates could have imagined. But despite their fierce schedule the second-year students have time to come to know their little sisters, to solve the minor dormitory mystery, and to grow and mature in many ways.

Mary Ellis learns much about herself through her work at the hospital. She faces several crises with varying degrees of success, is influential in arranging an operation and an adoption, and makes many new friends.

Hope Newell is well qualified to write about the field of nursing. Added to her factual knowledge is a deep perception and sensitivity to youth and humanity in general. “Mary Ellis, Student Nurse” is the story of a young girl working with love and dedication at her chosen career, and gaining insight and understanding of herself and the world.