Masquerade Nurse

Behind her was a shattered career, and broken hopes. Now she was living a false life, lying desperately to the man she loved.

Kathy Barrett awoke in a hospital bed…

When the lovely nurse opened her eyes she remembered the sickening skid, the crash, and nothing else. How did she get there; where were her friends Jim and Lynne? She struggled to speak, to ask questions of the handsome young doctor who stood at her bedside and who looked so much like Jim Stratton. His eyes were concerned, his voice tender as he spoke. “It’s all right, Lynne,” he said. “You’re going to be all right now, Lynne…”

This stirring novel is the story of a nurse who is the sole survivor of an automobile accident, a nurse who borrows the identity of her dead friend to find a new home and escape a threatening past, a nurse who lives a life of painful lies while she falls deeply in love with a dedicated young doctor.