Nurse Kilmer's Vow

When lovely young Terry Kilmer was left at the altar by her husband-to-be, Dr. Alex Blaine, her life seemed shattered forever. Blinded by anger, she refused to listen to Alex’s explanations. Though she was a dedicated nurse, Terry vowed she would have nothing more to do with the world of medicine.

Accepting an invitation to the island estate of her much-divorced Aunt Cele, Terry plunged into a dizzying, dazzling social whirl. There were parties and yacht trips, gaiety and laughter — and above all, an irresistibly charming young playboy named Hal Symmes. Then disaster struck the island community — and suddenly Terry was a nurse again, working at the side of a brilliant doctor, her heart torn by a choice between two ways of life, two ways of love. And, amid the greatest challenge of her life, Terry found her path to happiness.