Nurse of the Crossroads

The assignment that reporter Sam Reynolds had been given seemed easy enough: find out about Dr. David Mackenzie; find out what gave him his own special brand of faith. And so San left Portland for the small towns around LaGrande, to discover new people and a way of life he had never known existed.

Lovely Amber Mackenzie, a nurse, had been alone since her father’s death. But she was carrying on with the work he had begun — the small Crossroads Clinic was still open; Amber still journeyed into the canyons and mountains to help people in need. Amber’s gentle ways earned her the love of all who knew her and believed in her father’s ideals, and Sam quickly fell under he spell.

But what were these ideals? What made Amber so different from the people Sam had known before? Was it that she truly cared for others, above herself, and was willing to dedicate herself to their care? Was it that she reveled in life and saw beauty and goodness in all things?

Sam’s assignment to learn about Dr. Mackenzie turned into something more, as the young man decided to learn about himself, too. And Sam’s presence caused Amber some serious thinking, also. Although she had known and loved Dr. Robert Meacham for years, she felt unsure of herself, unready for marriage. Perhaps with Sam…