Nurse of the Midnight Sun

Cory Hanson didn’t consider herself a man-chaser, but it was six months since her fiance, Paul Farron, had left Oregon for an engineering job with the Trask Valley project in Alaska–and she missed him! After writing Paul that she was flying out for a vacation, she gave up her apartment and her hospital job and boarded the plane for Kovarik.

Once she reached the small sawmill town of Datlow Springs, Cory had to wait two weeks for Paul’s arrival. When he finally showed up, it was with the overwhelming news that he had just gotten married.

Though Cory wanted nothing more than to return to Oregon immediately, an accident at the mill changed her plans–and laid the foundation for a surprising turn of events in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Nurse Hanson looks like she’s in her mid-50s, the dashing doctor looks like one of those one-episode “featured actors” from Hawaii Five-O.

And for the briefest of moments I thought that was a unicorn in the background.