Nurse on Terror Island

Love and fear–there was too much of both, now Avril Andrews was forced to make the most difficult decision of her young life.

A Paradise of an Island

  • A darkly handsome man of wealth.
  • A young Pop singer of international fame.
  • A fiance four thousand miles away.
  • A beguiling 8 year old orphan boy.

All these helped to complicate the life of pretty Nurse Avril Andrews. She had received her nurse’s cap only a few hours before and was on her way to Orestes Island to care for young Domingo, the ward of the handsome and powerful Ramon Orestes.

She hardly expected to become the fiancee of two men and find herself in love with a third, and then lose her heart completely to the convalescing little Domingo.

Neither was she prepared to face the terror which gripped the entire population of the island. She found herself being drawn inevitably into the web of fear…