Pineapple Girl

It was a pineapple given to her by a grateful patient that had led to Eloise Bennett meeting the Dutch doctor Timon van Zeilst. They seemed fated to meet, for when shortly after that Eloise went to Holland for a short time to nurse a patient, there was Doctor van Zeilst again! And, thrown more and more into his company, Eloise soon realised that she had fallen in love with him. But Timon was going to marry the beautiful Liske, wasn’t he? And who could blame him — for Liske was also rich and a girl of his own nationality. Why on earth should he look twice at Eloise?

Imagine our delight when our friend, Kate, discovered a book entitled “Pineapple Girl” on eBay and bought it for us.

Imagine our greater delight when it arrived and we discovered it was a nurse book, too. Does life get any better than this? Ours doesn’t…