Private Duty

The Problem Was Romantic

She thought she knew her own mind. Three years’ training at Updale had taught her more than to sign her name “Carolyn Cutler, R.N.” But now she was a successful nurse on private duty–and her problems were far from medical. They were:

Dr. Livingston: Carolyn had idealized him while she was in training. In fact they had considered themselves engaged. Now she wasn’t sure whether she loved him as a man or as a surgeon.

Derek Williams: Carolyn’s employer–a young widower. Her love for him contained a strong mixture of pity.

Bill Hamilton: Impetuous, red-headed playboy. His only claim to fame was a long series of breach-of-promise suits. To Carolyn his actions were dubious, his charm devilish.

The three men were quite a problem. They all wanted to marry Carolyn.