Psychiatric Nurse

Tracy’s new asssignment posed a double problem: A memory of past heartbreak, and the terror of impending tragedy.

Bittersweet Homecoming

Nurse Tracy Ross had many reasons for going home. Her mother needed her…and she needed a rest from the terrible strain she had been under. But her welcome was marred by the shocking realization that you can’t go home again.

The problems she fled were neither as immediate nor as difficult as the ones she faced now. Back in her home town, she found herself working with a doctor with whom she had once been violently in love. That was hard enough in itself…but even more difficult was the terrible secret she carried within her breast. Ethically, she could not reveal it…but if she kept it hidden, many lives were doomed to tragedy!

Alternate Titles:

  • Nurse Chlorophyll’s Conundrum
  • Nurse Carter of Mars
  • Bedpan of Jealousy