Special Duty Nurse

The handsome young giant, his head swathed in bandages, was an enigma to the entire staff at County Hospital. With nine thousand dollars in his billfold — and quite the handsomest patient County had had in many a day — they decided that he must be a member of the entertainment world. Not a movie actor — or a night club performer — because most of the nurse would have recognized him; but someone important.

And then when all the nurses had worked themselves up to fever pitch about this stranger who since his admission had seemingly been dead to the world, the patient decided to come back to consciousness. And all their conjectures were blown sky-high. The man who looked so much like a Greek god was a well-known Florida playboy, Tony Cavanaugh, the son of wealthy Anthony Cavanaugh, owner of a chain of hotels.

It was a foregone conclusion that Tony, susceptible to all feminine charms, would fall for his blue-eyed nurse, Ann Cubbedge. But no one — and least of all Ann’s four apartment mates — would have dreamed that Ann would reciprocate. That Ann would even promise to marry Tony.

Their marriage rested on one condition — Tony must start doing something useful in the world. And Tony, who had expressed interest in archeology — and who loved the young nurse enough to change the pattern of his life — decided to go back to school and train for the job he wanted to do.

If Ann, at her parents’ home getting ready for her wedding, hadn’t been listening to the radio that night, the shock of hearing about Tony’s latest escapade might not have been so great…although it would have been devastating under any condition.

Still unable to believe her ears, Ann received a call to come back to work. And knowing that work was the thing she needed most, Ann accepted the assignment.

But how was Ann to know that the lanky, red-haired young man who brought her coffee and a sandwich, when she was unable to get them on the crowded train — and to whom she poured out her whole story of disillusionment — was at that very moment on his way to become the new resident at County Hospital?