State of Emergency

Join these brave men and women for edge-of-your-seat suspense and happily-ever-after romance!

Her Fugitive…

Jordan Shane was in a serious bind. And Search and Rescue nurse Emily Foster was the one woman who could help him prove his innocence–and steal his heart right out from under him!

His Hostage…

Emily Foster had had enough danger to last a lifetime. All she wanted was a quiet life in the mountains. Instead, she got an attractive fugitive who had taken her hostage–and made her believe in love. On their hair-raising mountain trek, did she dare risk everything for Jordann’s life–and his love?

We made a trip to D.I. (a local thrift store) last Thursday and while we were there Emma declared that she was going to find a nurse book to add to our collection. I warned her that nurse books were getting harder and harder to find, so the chances of her finding one on that particular trip were pretty slim. Undaunted, she headed to the book section and started scouring the shelves.

About ten minutes later she tracked me down in soft furnishings, handed me this volume and asked, “Does this count?”

A Harlequin Romance (one of a series featuring the brave men and women of the Colorado Search and Rescue team) with a beautiful nurse, a handsome fugitive, Lazy Author Plot Device #5, and a cover depicting Jon Bon Jovi and Carrot Top in a passionate embrace?

Heck yes, it counts! Well found, Emma!