Be Honest With Yourself: Danger — Curves Ahead!

Danger — Curves Ahead!

A sleek, soft-purring convertible, a pretty girl, and handsome boy — or a carful of both — and an open road. What could be more thrilling, more desirable to the young and the young in heart!

This is a typical picture of young America today. And there’s nothing wrong with the picture, no cause for concern. Or is there?

Yes, there are hazards ahead — physical and moral hazards. First, let’s look at the newspapers. Here are typical headlines from just one issue: “Traffic claims three…all killed instantly in separate Sunday accidents.” “A predawn race between two cars ended in the death of a teen-ager here when one of the cars went out of control on a curve…”

These were not problem children: a high school senior about to graduate; a clean-cut companion, active in church, athletics. Promising futures for these youngsters — until they failed to take the curve!

Then there are the other kinds of curves too often associated with young people and automobiles: the curves of temptation, on or off the highway, which too often bring tragedy and spiritual and moral death to America’s youth, curves which may throw you head-long into a spiritual or moral collision.

So, young people of the Church, watch those road sings on life’s fast-moving highway: “Caution,” “Narrow Bridge,” “Crossing,” “Curve Ahead.”

So — slow down! Heed before you speed. It’s your highway, your car, your hazard. You hold the steering wheel. You control the throttle. It’s your life to live usefully or to spend recklessly; your life to save or lose.