Be Honest With Yourself: Modesty is the Best Policy

Modesty is the Best Policy

Modesty, like honesty in the copy book adage, is the best policy. It is the best policy because it is best for you.

Modesty is a many-sided virtue. It applies to your manner of speech, your manner of dress, your manner of conduct. And thus it reveals the manner of person you are.

Take speech. One who is modest in speech talks with restraint, sticks to the facts, gives to others the right to their own opinions without compromising his own. His opinions are listened to, his advice is often heeded.

Modesty in dress is another virtue. Smartness of style and modesty can go together, and often do. On the other hand, to flaunt one’s figure, especially before persons of the opposite sex, may excite attention but not inspire admiration. Immodesty of dress is more likely to bring a “whistle call” of dubious compliment than a sincere proposal of honorable friendship.

Modesty of conduct also brings its own reward. In a day when vulgarity is sometimes commercialized to the tune of “off beat” dance steps, it may take restraint to be modest on dance floor or in parked car, but true modesty will pay off in the lasting trust and enduring friendships of your companions.

To these rewards of modesty you can add another–your own self-respect–and without self-respect you can never have the true joy of living which a loving Heavenly Father put us here to find and cherish. So — be modest — BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.