Be Honest With Yourself: Honor Thy Father And Mother

Honor Thy Father and Mother

The word “honor” is one of the richest in the language. It implies “esteem,” “reverence,” “respect,” “courtesy,” “integrity,” “purity,” “chastity” — and much more.

“To honor” also requires obedience — to obey and respect those we would honor.

The commandment “Honor thy father and thy mother” encompasses all of these and it promises much for obedience. Paul called it “the first commandment with a promise.” And what a promise, as we shall see!

But first there’s your part to be done, young men and young women of the Church.

Let’s begin with the little things. How long has it been, you teenaged daughter, since you took your mother in your arms and thanked her for life and the countless kind deeds she has performed for you since birth?

Or you, son, when did you last thank Dad for food, clothing, home, education, the use of his car, and wise counsel?

Do you, our sons and daughters, honor your parents in your choice of good companions, in your seen and unseen conduct, in church attendance, in the sharing of home work, in self-improvement, in keeping the faith?

These are the daily ways you can please and honor parents.

And what are the rewards for honoring them?

First, there’s joy and inward satisfaction for you. These blessings come automatically. Then there’s the Lord’s special promise that you will “love long on the earth” and that “it may go well with you.”

What a promise; what a prospect! To do less than to obey this commandment, to receive less in return, would be to deprive yourself of one of the richest experiences in life.


Notice the two gentlemen in the background who seem to be a little anxious about the amount of time all this “honor thy Father and Mother” stuff is taking.