Be Honest With Yourself: Nothing Worth Having Is Free

Nothing Worth Having Is Free

The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the homes we live in, the cars we drive–even the leisure time to enjoy them in — and all the inner satisfactions of life — all these must be bought with effort and sacrifice.

Let’s look at some examples. Take friendship. You may win friends easily but it will cost you something to keep them: time spent on daily kindly deeds, the thoughtful letter or card of remembrance; the timely word of encouragement; the constant consideration.

The price of education is study. Business success can be bought only through hard work; savings for the future through present self-denial.

So with the development of talents; the ability to play the piano, to paint a picture, to bake a cake, to excel in any art or skill comes only with effort.

Personal health and physical and mental strength must be earned by the exercise we take, the kind and amount of food and drink we put into our bodies — or abstain from.

The trust of friends is built on the keeping of promises. Financial credit belongs to those who pay their bills.

Even Church membership with its present and future blessings is not yours for the mere asking. To belonging you must add obedience; to receiving you must add sharing. These are the works you must add to faith if you would earn the good things of earth and the blessings of heaven. They are the price we must pay for happiness here or hereafter.

So strive, share, serve, save. In other words, pay up, because it pays.