Nurse at Burford's Landing
The isolated island needed a doctor and a nurse desperately. Lea decided it was just the place for her overworked, widowered father to relax and still keep his practice. She accepted their peaceful life…until love walked in.

“You are so obsessed with the thought of being a martyr that you will sacrifice anybody and anything to that goal!”

Noel Harper’s words stung Nurse Lea Malvern. She was torn between two loves — her love for her father and the islanders…and her love for Noel, the handsome writer who came to Burford’s Landing to research the island’s history and search for buried treasure. Lea’s days became strained as she secretly wrestled with her conflict amid the gossip and suspicion on the isolated island.

Apparently Valentine Book employed Rob Petrie’s sleepwalking brother Stacey in its titles department.