Nurse Barbara

They were marooned in an isolated farmhouse — and not one of them was sure that they would be rescued before the bridge was washed out and the house swept away.

There were:

Barbara Carroll, a beautiful blonde nurse, returning from vacation;

Scott Henderson, young, handsome, and resourceful, a member of the law firm of Blake, Smith and Henderson of Cincinnati, in Florida on business;

Millie and Ted Ashburn, a young couple expecting their first child at any moment;

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Henry Meredith, who arrive in their big black Cadillac — Henry definitely under the thumb of his domineering wife;

Tom Jones, his wife Marge, their small son, Stevie, and Marge’s old and critically ill father.

And last, there were:

Bud and Twitchy, teen-age hitchhikers; Bud was obviously the leader and Twitchy his faithful follower — and Barbara suspected that Bud was hatching up some devilment that boded no good for the rest of them.

Mrs. Humphries has written a gripping story of the ravages of a Southern flood, of a group of helpless people who are forced to share its horrors, and of the changes it brings to the life of each one of them.