Nurses Three: A Career for Kelly

A Kelly Scott Story

“It’s never looked more beautiful,” Kelly thought as she stood in the moonlight and let her eyes wander over the vast buildings comprising Midwest-General Hospital. A sob caught in her throat as she walked up the drive to the nurses’ dorm. By this time tomorrow night Coleen Scott, Kelly to family and friends, might no longer be a part of the hospital world she loved.

It had begun as a wonderful year for Kelly — her first time away from family protectiveness. She enjoyed hard work in subjects she loved, and the chance to help patients who needed her.

Then the nightmare erupted…a whirlwind chain of events that she was powerless to control. First she found herself with a glamorous roommate bent on causing trouble — a girl who broke rules without a thought and had the aggravating ability to captivate Kelly’s special men friends. Then came the terrible accusation — the mark of guilt that could end her hopes and aspirations forever.

Shy, sensitive Kelly found herself fighting for everything she had ever believed in. It was a solitary fight — no father or sisters to help her this time — but she knew she had to win this one alone to prove her ability to stand on her own two feet.