Nurses Three: A Very Special Girl

A Tracy Scott Story

Blond, blue-eyed Tracy Scott gazed up at young Dr. Hardwick and smiled wistfully. He cared for her, and the knowledge made her ecstatic one moment, panicky the next. She had not expected to find romance on this assignment–but then, almost everything at the Indian Service Hospital had come as a surprise.

It was a completely different world, with people and ways of life she had never known, strange customs and beliefs. She found patients who desperately needed her help in many ways–patients who inspired her to be the best nurse possible.

There were obstacles, and not the least of them was her moody, wildly jealous roommate. It was a trying year for Tracy and an exciting one. In the course of it she found new warmth and understanding within herself–and those around her felt lucky in knowing a very special girl.

The back cover is worth a look, too…

Nurses Three: A Very Special Girl

But, as you can probably guess, the “very special girl” was eventually fired for…

Blatant Violation

Blatant violation of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act


…Fraternizing with male employees…

Enticing Small Children

And attempting to entice small children with candy.