Nurses Three: On Call For Trouble

A Kelly Scott Story

Once she was my friend. Every time Kelly looked at Linda Koenig her heart ached and her brain puzzled over what had happened to change things between them. For now Linda was her enemy–every word she spoke, every glance she shot in Kelly’s direction proved it. There was the “accident” in the laboratory, the ugly taunts, the incredible moment when real danger threatened and Linda stood by and laughed. There had to be an explanation.

Of course there were other things to think about. As Kelly, proud in her newly-won cap, walked the hospital halls, there were people on all sides who needed her skill and her understanding. From lovely young Gladys, who would never dance again, to the temperamental poet Angus Forbisher, they claimed all the love and patience she had to offer. And there was the offer of a singing career if she wanted it…and exciting dates with Ken Morrison…surely no girl ever had less time for worry.

Yet the questions were always waiting in the back of her mind, demanding to be answered. Why is Linda so angry? What can I do to help?

The back covers of the Nurses Three novels almost give away too much of the story.

Nurses Three: On Call for Trouble (Back Cover)

So, to summarize: Beatific Nurse Kelly…

Beatific Nurse Kelly

…is tormented by the diabolical Nurse Linda…

Diabolical Nurse Linda

…and could have a successful singing career…

A Successful Singing Career

..if she wasn’t so busy going on exciting dates with Ken Morrison…

Exciting Dates With Ken Morrison

…and caring for Voldemort.

Caring for Voldemort